The University of Southampton
iSolutions IT Training and Development

Case studies

We believe that we can provide valuable digital skills development to the University in a number of different ways. Read how the University have benefited from working with our team.

Activity is founded on lifelong development

We have made an extensive library of online courses available to all members of the University. Learning with Lynda is helping staff and students build their skills.

Provide effective and efficient learning

We created an online support guide which has become the one-stop-shop for all SitePublisher learning and support materials.

Understand the needs of our people

By working with one of our Finance teams, we were able to understand their needs, current practices and skills. This enabled us to help them significantly improve some of their reporting processes.

Improving our eLearning - be consistent, not uniform

We discovered very quickly that online learning isn't the same as it is in the classroom. By piloting a new learning resource, we were able to improve it - and apply those improvements to other existing learning materials.

Usability experience testing - our ideas are influenced by you

We worked with a number of groups across the University to review and improve the look and feel of our support guides. The feedback allowed us to improve the quality and usefulness of our resources.

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