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SMART Board and SMART Ink Basics (manual only)

This manual explains how to turn on and make basic use of SMART Boards at the University of Southampton.

Learning outcomes

By reading this manual you will know:

  • What is a SMART Board?
  • The Fundamental Steps
  • How to log on to the PC
  • How to turn on the SMART Board
  • How to orient the SMART Board
  • How to use "the mouse"
  • How to use SMART Ink
  • Some useful PowerPoint tips
    • An example of using pen annotations on PowerPoint slides
    • Navigating through a presentation
    • Jumping to slides
    • Adding a new slide (PowerPoint 2013 only)
    • Bringing up a white screen to write on mid-presentation
    • Save your ink annotations
    • Save a presentation as a PDF which can easily be uploaded to Blackboard
  • To launch and use SMART Notebook
    • Accessing SMART Notebook software
    • On-line training on SMART Notebook
    • A few examples of using SMART Notebook

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