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Who we are

We work in partnership to support the University's mission
We are proud to have received two Vice-Chancellor's awards and a number of staff achievement awards for our contribution to the University

The IT Training and Development team is part of iSolutions' project management workstream and will help and support you to get the most out of the IT tools and services available to you at the university.

We will work with you as individuals or groups, with faculties and professional services, with all staff, students and departments to provide practical, meaningful, relevant and effective solutions.

By using our extensive expertise in evaluating training needs together with outstanding performance consultancy, we can design unique, easy to access, robust, quality assured solutions.

These can range from providing a simple fact sheet, some advice, a course, seminar or tutorial to some coaching, a video, some audio, elearning or just pointing you in the right direction.

View our vision and principles.

Through a blended approach we hope to support the University in ways that are sustainable, convenient and as non-disruptive as possible.

We are facilitators of change; adaptable, inclusive and supportive.

If you need some IT help and are unable to find it, we are here to help.

We look forward to working with you.


Patty Gould

I am totally passionate about two things: leadership and learning & development.

I'm an ambassador for change with over 30 years of management experience and am currently privileged to be the lead of the award-winning IT training team.

I achieve results through the development and motivation of individuals, teams and organisations and have a reputation for integrity, trust and transparency.

I enjoy helping people identify what "change" means to them and assisting them to make game-changing plans.

My goal is that we provide you with high quality and clear IT system training, help and support - available when you need it.

Ask me about: Change management, leadership, learning and development, mentoring, management development and strategy planning.

Nic Monks

I’m a change agent who knows that, by looking at our business through a different lens, we can effect positive change and continuous improvement.

I work across numerous IT systems, business processes and teams across the University and help to create opportunities to share skills, knowledge and practice throughout the organisation.

I’m passionate about forging connections and building and supporting communities.

Through consultancy and collaboration I help teams work across the silos we create in the University.

Ask me about: the MOST programme, Office 365 SharePoint and Teams, LinkedIn Learning, performance support and embedding learning, our website.

Jon Lightfoot

I love that moment when someone’s eyes light up as they suddenly realise how they can apply new skills.

Through our training and the resources we create, we really make a difference to our staff, students’ and researchers’ experience of IT, their efficiency and the quality of their work.

Not only can we transform our learners’ experience with IT when introducing them to new systems; we also make a difference by providing improved skills for those regular tasks. The impact from small efficiency improvements which are applied time and again is felt by individuals, teams and the wider University.

Ask me about: Excel, MS Office, writing a thesis with Word, HR eRecruitment, Agresso web & requisitioning.

Alice Harris

I aim to help people and make a difference to their work.

I find it extremely satisfying when I can help staff by giving them the knowledge and skills to solve a problem or when I can change perceptions about a University system or process.

During face-to-face sessions and when writing online resources I strive to deliver tailored learning solutions .

If we can continue to make learning realistic, timely and bite-sized, we can help individuals, teams and the University get the most value from our systems.

Ask me about: SitePublisher, Mediabin.

James Allen

I am a people person and strive to make work fun.

My background is psychology and I know that by understanding the passion of our colleagues and what needs to be achieved, I can ensure we help and strengthen communities across the University.

The goal for me is to always build efficient and sustainable solutions.

By being approachable and building rapport, I can help the University improve by asking the trickier questions and never assuming we have to do things “as they have been done before”.

Ask me about: Articulate Storyline, communications, engagement through technology, needs analysis.

Sacha Beechey

I really enjoy working to ensure that my business and academic colleagues are effective in their use of our IT systems. I enable others to deliver against their mission and aims by giving effective training and support.

By building strong relationships across the organisation and gaining stakeholders’ trust and respect I am able to help develop resilient processes across the University.

It gives me great pride to work at the University where I help individuals and the organisation lead the world in research and teaching.

Ask me about: Agresso, student systems training, ARCP.

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